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When it comes to the mission of God, there tends to be extremes taken in perspective. "Mission is only for the hard core" or at the other 'all mission is the same', "everyone is a missionary". Each angle has a grain of truth but often lacks in deeper insight. A lack of insight leads to ineffectivity, whether with your neighbour or someone from an entirely different culture and cultural.

Join us as we celebrate what God is doing globally, what he is doing nationally and lean into how you can be used by God from your table to timbuktu and anywhere in between.


When? 8th and 9th of July 

Where? TBC *Canberra

Cost? 15

Additionally, Divergent Church Capital region will have it's ONE gathering on the Sunday where we will continue to celebrate all that God is calling us to. You are most welcome. 

Friday 7pm 

Saturday - 9am 

Kahvalti - included Middle Eastern Brunch

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