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ATG (25 - 35 Young Adults)

The ~25 - 35's, young working adults community at LIFECITY CHURCH. It's not strictly 25-35 year olds but if you identify yourself as a young working adult and relationally fit in this community, #ATGYA is for you!


To go "Against The Grain" means to run counter to prevailing ideas and practices, to go against what is 'normal'.

Against The Grain YA seeks to be a community on mission in whatever space or place we find ourselves in, whether in the workplace, our relationships and or far beyond. 

No matter what other people might think of us or what fears and concerns we might have, we seek to go where God has called us to go and do what God has called us to do :) 

There are life communities, EQUIP nights, social nights and more so watch this space! 

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