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(Belconnen // Gungahlin // North Canberra) 

Welcome to DIVERGENT CHURCH BELCONNEN // NORTH! (Mitchell / Belconnen / Gungahlin)

Checking out a Church can be pretty nerve wrecking at times. At DIVERGENT CHURCH BELCONNEN we want people to feel 'at home' from the moment they arrive. Each of our Church locations have some minor differences so far as parking and common service structure so make sure you check out the details below

Church Belconnen Gungahlin | LIFE CITY CHURCH CANBERRA


Once you find parking & make your way to the entrance. At Divergent Church Belconnen we are presently in a new venue so look for the 'Welcome' banner.

Feel free to grab yourself a coffee and something to eat. Meet someone and get ready to worship with us.


If you want - tell us you are coming - we can than expect you and answer any questions you may have

Christian Church Belconnen Gungahlin | LIFE CITY CHURCH CANBERRA




Unfortunately, Divergent Church Belconnen presently has no organised Children's program.

Some of our other gatherings however do and we would encourage you to check them out if a gathering without specific program does not work for you.

For more info on
kids you can go to the Kids page

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Kevin Tran with the Divergent Church Belconnen team pastors our Belconnen (North Pm) Church. 

Kevin is a high school teacher and passionate evangelist with a heart to see people connected into genuine community.


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Christian Church Belconnen Gungahlin | LIFE CITY CHURCH CANBERRA


At Divergent Church Belconnen we love to worship God through singing and music, be equipped through the Bible and be inspired by one another to continue in what and were God has called us to in everyday life. 

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DIVERGENT CHURCH Belconnen and Gungahlin (NORTH) is a growing, vibrant community with families, singles and couples. 

Whether you are a young family, single or older couple we believe you can find a place at DIVERGENT CHURCH Belconnen / Gungahlin



Food/ Coffee


Community is our heart and nature, even 'at church' we love to hang out. Our services are structured but casual with great food and coffee and time to connect. We believe in the significance of community and food helps (don’t worry there is also healthy stuff in their as well).




At DIVERGENT CHURCH a passionate yet more acoustic chilled vibe (rather than a full band, though we do at times do that also)Belconnen we tend toward 


We love music because it is the language of the soul.



At DIVERGENT CHURCH Belconnen, we believe in the word spoken both with relevance and conviction, never compromising the counsel of God. It is the word that is the foundation of everything we do in life. methologies from Topical to Book series.

We do not hold any methodology to be sacred, the word itself preached with clarity, in its context and with conviction is our heart and intent.different.


Team Leadership


As a Church we wholeheartedly operate with a wider Pastoral Leadership team that serves our gatherings and church as a whole. Whilst we do have specific regional and senior leadership our emphasis is on team as much as possible. In each gathering are specific Pastoral Leaders that care for and lead that gathering. 


Through the week


at DIVERGENT CHURCH crewYou can also connect with Belcnnen through the week in different small groups (Life Communities) around the city. Wherever people love to be is where we love to meet - Cafés, Work, Uni. If you are interested give us a buzz or ask at Church.


Christian Church Belconnen Gungahlin | LIFE CITY CHURCH CANBERRA


At Divergent Church Belconnen (NORTH) we have a brief 'half time break', a chance to grab and coffee, connect, pray and be family. 


Also vitally important to us are our LIFE COMMUNITIES which you can sign up to at Church. 


Christian Church Belconnen Gungahlin | LIFE CITY CHURCH CANBERRA


Divergent Church Belconnen (NORTH PM) gathers Sunday at 5:27pm at 17 Walder St, Belconnen. 

Our Northside AM Church gathers at 

10:27am at 50 Hoskins St, Mitchell. You can check out the North AM Gathering page here


With the exception of ENGAGE and  //ONE Sundays


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