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In the present circumstances we are still commited to community, we are still commited to being a community on mission, we are commited to 'spuring one another onto good works' (Heb 10:24) as a response to the abundant love expressed through Jesus' finished work on the cross.

As such, the Divergent Church team is setting up avenues for each person in our community to be fully engaged in an ongoing regard in ways that do not require you to be physically be anywhere specific but will create community and keep us connected. 

Hebrews 10: 25 says DON’T STOP MEETING TOGETHER AS SOME ARE DOING. Why? Because it is in gathering we encourage one another, it is in gathering we share our giftings, it is in gathering we keen our eyes on the prize, Jesus himself. 

While Hebrews 10:25 says to meet, it doesn’t say HOW we should meet! Thank God for the technology available that allows us to meet together and yet still be in our own homes, to stay connected and keep our community full of faith.


It is through online means that we will stay properly connected without any risk of spreading the virus.

We will engage in the word, pray together, take communion, worship but not always in a simple replication of what we may do in person but in ways that in actual fact will help deep our understanding of the Church and it's mission.


Our goal will be to meet online in Life Communities. If you are not in a life community, it is imperitive you contact us to be placed in a community so you can continue in community. 

We will be sending our special links for each life community. 


No only are we not fearful of what may be coming but we are excited for everything God can do through this circumstance. It is not to say everything will be ' A OK' but rather we know God is good and he will use this for 'THE GOOD' (Romans 8:28)



So here are the steps and how you join the church revolution designed to combat the spiritual effects of Coronavirus.

1. Download the ZOOM app on your computer, iPad or phone (links below for iphone/android).

2. An email with go out with 

3. All you have to do is click on the link and you are on the call.

Please note that if you are part of a Life Community, that the leader will contact you soon.

This is an incredible opportunity to create community and prevent isolation, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to reach out to others and see them find Jesus or rediscover the love and grace of God.

More information will be coming through email, text, here on divergent hub and through social media. 


You can download the free zoom app today!


The church will be gathering at normal times this Sunday over zoom. Here are the links for each gathering:

Use password: divergent

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